PPL Computer Workshops

The Learning Center offers a COMPUTER LAB that is open to the public throughout the week as well as free computer workshops. Click to view the current MONTHLY WORKSHOP CALENDARCall to reserve a spot in class today!  Here are the computer workshops we offer:

  • Computer Basics 1: Intro Learn basic terms and software functions as well as how to use the mouse and save documents.  Skilled trainers allow for plenty of hands-on practice opportunities.
  • Computer Basics 2: MS Word Learn how to format, save and print using Word 2013.  This class uses a sample resume, helping you become comfortable formatting your own resume.
  • Computer Basics 3: Internet Learn to navigate web pages and search for information online.  Learn about the world wide web, how to best search for jobs and use maps to plan your route.
  • Computer Basics 4: Email Learn how to organize your account, send professional email messages and attach documents such as your resume and cover letter to send to future employers.
  • Computer Basics 5: Online Learning Using interactive videos and activities, practice what you learned in class this week and prepare to take the assessment in Computer Basics 6.
  • Computer Basics 6: Certification Now that you’ve completed the Computer Basic Series 1-5, show your future employer you have the computer skills they’re looking for! Take the proctored Northstar Digital Literacy Online Assessment. Pass at 85% and earn a certificate during class!
  • Excel 1: Beginner Learn the basics of how to set up personal budgets, spreadsheets for business and use basic formulas.
  • Excel 2: Intermediate Now that you’ve got the basics, take your Excel skills to the next level.  You’ll learn how to format cells, sort and filter data and much more.
  • Excel 3: Advanced Finish off the series by learning useful techniques such as creating pivot tables, conditional formatting with formulas, removing duplicate data and doing a monthly budget/spending plan. Excel 3 Practice Worksheet – used in class.
  • Google Drive Learn how you to easily create, share and edit documents online in this intermediate level workshop.
  • 1:1 Computer Help Receive individualized help with any of your computer skills questions.  An instructor is available throughout this class to assist you 1:1.
  • PowerPoint Basics Learn to create professional presentations for employment or education opportunities in this intermediate level workshop.
  • Windows 8 Do you have a laptop with Windows 8 and you’re not sure how to use it?  Bring your laptop to this workshop and we’ll teach how to navigate this new operating system!

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