For PPL, 2017 was a year of impact and growth. Thanks to you, PPL put more people to work than ever before and created nearly 175 new apartments, providing homes for over 400 people.

What continues to drive PPL is our conviction that decent housing and a good job stabilize the household economics and help families and neighborhoods thrive.

That's our anti-poverty agenda, and years of results in our housing and career training programs prove that it works. We are driven by these results. 


With your help, here's what we accomplished in 2017:

  • In north Minneapolis and Hopkins, we created 126 new affordable apartments for individuals and families. Near downtown Minneapolis, we worked in partnership with YouthLink to open 46 apartments for youth who've been homeless.
  • We helped nearly 300 people land career-track jobs.
  • We expanded our successful employment partnerships with state, county, and local governments, giving graduates access to promising careers and employers access to a diverse and qualified workforce.
  • We kicked-off the Building Ladders capital campaign and started renovating the vacant theater building next door to our administrative offices to create a state-of-the-art career center.


Because we're driven to generate impacts that are right for the communities we serve, we also continued important internal work in 2017 on race, equity, and disparities.

Thank you for your support. Your drive to create a better world allowed PPL to serve 14,000 people last year. That's a number that should make all of us proud.

Paul Williams

Paul Williams
PPL President & CEO

John Rassmussen

John Rassmussen
PPL Board Chair