This is Resilience

As we navigate this unprecedented situation, needs that were urgent yesterday are critical today. In the midst of a public health crisis that requires us to isolate, it has become clear that housing is health care.

That's why we've established the PPL Resilience Fund. 

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COVID-19 updates to the PPL community

How we Help

We build & manage safe, quality, affordable housing across the Twin Cities, with support services to create stability and pride.

Readiness programs provide participants with the skills necessary to get and keep a job with proven income growth and job placements.


Top Results

A leading-edge model for analyzing & strengthening programs


Stable Housing

93% of residents maintained stable housing for 24 months or more.

Long-Term Jobs

84% of those placed in jobs retained their employment for 12 months or more.


income growth
On average, Career Readiness graduates who are hired experience
a 4x growth in their income.

People + Passion = Pride