Family in front of house


Our History

Project for Pride in Living (PPL) was founded in 1972 by former priest and social justice advocate Joe Selvaggio to create affordable housing and revitalize central Minneapolis. PPL began by renovating blighted homes. Later, the organization added employment training to prepare jobseekers for entry-level work with major Twin Cities' employers.


individuals & families served

Over 50 years later, PPL now helps nearly 7,500 individuals and families in the Twin Cities move into affordable housing, earn higher incomes, improve their academic skills, and gain economic independence each year. 

None of this would be possible without the generous commitment from supporters like you. Thank you to the donors, volunteers, and partners who have made it possible for us to continue this critical work. 


Our Future

As PPL looks to the future, we see new challenges, but we also see possibilities that have the potential to be a transformative moment in PPL's history. Join us, and create a positive legacy that will touch generations.

Invest in People. Invest in PPL.