March 6, 2019

PPL's Website Wins Award + Survey Highlights

PPL's new website features

Our New Website is a Winner!

PPL is excited to announce that we are the recipient of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Dot.Org Award for Website Redesign, large organization category. The award recognizes forward-thinking nonprofits who are using technology and communications in inspiring, effective, and creative ways.

PPL was selected from a competitive pool of nonprofits who had completed a website redesign in the last year. In 2018, we began our website redesign to better showcase our impact and effortlessly serve visitor’s needs, in partnership with Us Creative Works.

As a multi-service organization, our website is one of the most important touchpoints and is a primary source of information. Clear communication and an effortless browsing experience were critical to ensuring each visitor has a good experience and sees their role in PPL’s mission. Additionally, our newly refreshed visual identity brought energy, passion, and vibrancy to the site.

Audience research was gathered through pre-project surveys and 1:1 sessions with website visitors to identify areas of weakness and audience needs. Later in the project, User Testing gave us a chance to run website visitors through common scenarios to ensure an effortless experience. This information provided key insights and helped us make data-informed decisions.

We also used this powerful opportunity to increase PPL’s digital equity. Steps taken to reduce barriers include usability testing with participants and residents, representation in imagery and storytelling, and mobile-friendly design.  

Thank you to the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Award Committee for selecting PPL for this year’s Dot.Org award- Website Redesign, and congratulations to the winners of the three other award categories, Special Olympics Minnesota, The Arc Minnesota, and Summit Academy.

Website Survey Highlights

PPL recently conducted a website survey to evaluate our new site’s navigation, design, content, and all-around effectiveness.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We are driven to provide accessible, transparent communications, and you help make that possible.

  • Over 80% of responses rated their experience on the site as positive or very positive.
  • Nearly 78% of responses said the design of PPL’s website was above average or excellent.
  • Nearly 84% of responses said it was easy or very easy to understand information on the site.
  • Website visitors continue to value stories and data that showcase impact in the community.

We welcome your feedback throughout the year. Let us know what resources you’re loving and what resources you think may be missing, by emailing us at