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Thank you for supporting Project for Pride in Living!

Participants of PPL need your support now more than ever. Thank you for your generous gift.

PPL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Other Ways to Give

By Mail or Phone

Mail to: PPL
Attn: Fundraising Department
1035 East Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Or call: 612-455-5100

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Donate Stock

Contact Andriana Abariotes to discuss a gift of stock or mutual funds at 612-455-5224.

PPL Account #: 7A 19433; DTC #: 0221.

Please notify PPL of any transfers you make, including stock type and number of shares.

Legacy Giving

Contact Andriana Abariotes to discuss a variety of flexible planned giving options at 612-455-5224.

MN State Housing Tax Credit

The Minnesota State Housing Tax Credit program is a new way to help finance multifamily and single-family housing that is affordable throughout the state of Minnesota. 

Items We Need

Support PPL programs and participants by making an in-kind donation.

Monthly Giving

Join the PPL Pavers community by giving monthly.