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& Impact

Our Mission

PPL builds the hope, assets, and self-reliance
of individuals and families who have lower incomes
by providing transformative affordable housing
and career readiness services.

Our Statement of Equity

PPL strives to be an equitable and inclusive organization
committed to elevating the voices of the communities we serve
that are disproportionately affected by systemic inequities.


Our Vision

PPL envisions safe, resilient, and equitable communities across the Twin Cities.


Why Housing & Jobs

To create long-term stability

The most effective way to promote long-term self-reliance is by stabilizing the economics of a household. When we stabilize a household economically, we help set the stage for long-term success.

The Data

To disrupt poverty & inequity

Career Readiness programs provide participants with the skills necessary to get and keep a job, with proven income growth and job placements.

The Data


Our Impact

As a results-driven organization, we're committed to tracking and sharing our outcomes and using data to find constant improvement. Read the latest Impact Report.


Learn more about the model we've developed to ensure superior outcomes.         

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Top Results

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Housing units
Owned, managed, or serviced by PPL.
Of Career Readiness graduates hired retained their employment for 12 months or more.
Of PPL residents maintained stable housing for 24 months or more.


Income growth
Average income growth for Career Readiness graduates who are hired.

nearly 7,500 served

We insist that every one of our programs deliver superior results
- our supporters and participants deserve nothing less.