October 15, 2018

Community Voices: Meet Dana

Dana, PPL resident

Dana spent over three years experiencing homelessness, moving in and out of shelters. He also struggled with severe health problems, being disabled on the street meant that he had a hard time managing appointments and medications, and an even harder time navigating complex systems needed to apply for social security and benefits.

In 2017, Dana was referred to PPL from the shelter he was staying at and sat down for a conversation with PPL housing coordinator, Younin. "She truly listened to me," says Dana, "I had never really had anybody to listen to me. She told me that she would find me an apartment, but I didn't believe it - I didn't think it could be true."

It was true, and Dana was soon approved to move into PPL Supportive Housing. On move-in day, Dana's new case manager, Brad, brought a cart of move-in items - pots, pans, silverware, towels, cleaning supplies, a mattress, and more. He told Dana, "I'm going to give you what you need right now, and later I will help you get what you want." Until Dana could get back on his feet, PPL would also help with rent and utilities. Says Dana, "I simply needed a chance. To have a hand extended to me, so I could get back on my feet and be independent once again."

The moment Dana had a roof over his head, he started his journey toward self-reliance and independence; never missing an appointment and always taking the initiative to realize his goals. "Despite significant health problems, Dana never complains, and always puts one foot in front of the other, navigating through the complex systems of housing and benefits with proficiency and persistence," says Brad.

Stable housing was the initial key to achieving his goals. Now that Dana has advocated for himself and found the benefits that best work for him, he is ready to move on and take every opportunity presented to him to give back to those still experiencing homelessness so that they can follow in his footsteps. "Being a participant of PPL has been the best thing that has ever happened to me," says Dana. "They truly care."

Dana has learned to take pride in himself and looks forward to being completely on his own. He has shown exemplary drive and perseverance in pursuit of his goals, and we know that he is capable of whatever he sets his mind to.


Thank you, Dana, for sharing your story of pride and perseverance. We hope you are proud of the hard work and dedication you have invested in yourself and your future. Thank you for letting PPL be part of your journey.