February 4, 2020

Community Voices: Meet Zarah


Meet Zarah, PPL's new Volunteer Program Manager!

Welcome to PPL! What were you up to before this role?

I went to school in La Crosse, WI, which is also my hometown. While in college, I was very involved in volunteerism and service. I have 4 years of non-profit and volunteer management experience, and have worked at a few different non-profits (most recently Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities), and am now serving as the Volunteer Manager at PPL.

Why work for PPL?

One reason I was excited to be a part of PPL is our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion work. I had heard a lot about PPL, and after doing my own research I was very impressed with steps they were taking to make the organization more equitable and inclusive, reflect the communities being served, and be so involved in community engagement work.

What are you most excited about in the Volunteer Program?

I am excited for the PPL volunteer program to grow in terms of diversity and recruitment initiatives. I am looking forward to strategizing creative ways to engage more community members, especially individuals of color to become a part of this amazing mission.

Why do you believe volunteering matters?

As community members, we should be encouraged to play a role in ensuring everyone in our community is provided with basic human needs and resources that will help them succeed. Volunteering can have a huge impact on one’s emotional well-being as well as provide experiences that can help you succeed in your personal and professional lives.  

Why should someone volunteer with PPL?

PPL offers a wide range of opportunities to get involved. There’s something exciting and meaningful for everyone’s interests!  If you’re interested in working with youth, working with adults, working behind the scenes at events, working on fun projects to enhance our programs and properties, or have new ideas or visions for our organization – we welcome and encourage everyone to share their skills, ideas, and expertise with us.