Background Criteria

PPL will not deny an application based solely on arrests or dismissed charges. 

Eligibility for PPL Housing is subject to a criminal background check. Residency may be declined due to criminal history. 


Disqualification for Residency for Lifetime

  • Arson
  • First through fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct
  • First or second-degree murder
  • First through third-degree assault
  • Kidnapping, harassment, and stalking


Crimes that Disqualify for Residency for Ten Years After the Completion of Sentence

  • Third-degree murder or second-degree manslaughter
  • Criminal vehicular homicide or injury
  • Simple or aggravated robbery
  • Carrying a weapon without a permit or any other weapons charge
  • Felony theft, forgery, burglary, and any felony drug or narcotics convictions
  • Terroristic threats or false imprisonment 


Crimes that Disqualify for Residency for Five Years After the Completion of Sentence

  • Non-felony violation of harassment and/or stalking
  • Fourth-degree assault
  • Any misdemeanor drug or narcotics conviction


Additional Notes

  • If the applicant's criminal record cannot be classified or adequately described by the screening agency, PPL may seek additional information from the applicant.
  • PPL's guidelines are based on statutes, regulations, and studies.
  • PPL will deny applicants who are the subject of open charges or active warrants with the exception of misdemeanors, such as minor moving violations, failure to pay transit fare, loitering, or like convictions or charges.
  • Applicants whose applications are requested on the basis of criminal background will be offered the opportunity to dispute the rejection. The Director of Property Management (or designee) will review the dispute and then decide to accept or request the application based on this policy.