Homestretch at PPL

October 19th, 2024 | 9am-5pm

Project for Pride in Living
Career Center
1021 E Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404
United States

Project for Pride in Living, Inc.

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Participants will learn:

  • The process of preparing to become a homeowner
  • Getting ready with capital, credit and income for buying a home
  • Become familiar with the industry professionals you will come in contact with
  • Current financing options available now
  • Offering strategies with making offers on properties
  • The closing process in real estate transactions
  • Understanding terms and costs of a home purchase
  • Maintaining your home and costs associated with that

There will be more than one presenter on these topics and your learning experience depends a lot on how actively you participate. So, come with questions or expectations. This will be a full day!

Lunch will be provided free of charge.

PPL Homestretch Register Now!