May 4, 2020

Keeping residents safe as property managers

PPL's Maintenance Team

Much of the world has recently changed - but one thing hasn’t: people’s homes still need repairs. 

Led by Facilities Manager Reggie Harmason, PPL's Maintenance Team continues to meet each day to check-in, review emergency work orders, and keep each other motivated. Right now, they're focusing only on emergency repairs at PPL properties, and are meeting each challenge head-on.

Their work has changed dramatically in the last two months, meaning clear communication and good relationships with residents are key.

Their safety, and the safety of PPL residents, is their first priority.

“I’m constantly letting them know that their health is most important. They know they’re not obligated to come into work. And yet, they do. "We’re out there on the frontlines because we love what we do," says Reggie.

“They’re really just heroes,” said Mike LaFave, PPL’s Vice President of Housing Stability. “They’re doing really important work, they’re putting themselves at risk, and as a team, they’ve embraced that challenge in a way that is inspiring and uplifting."

Despite challenges, the team continues to come in every day with enthusiasm and commitment to PPL residents.



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