September 3, 2019

Before & After: New classrooms for a new school year

LNAS classroom

Faculty and staff were busy this summer moving LNAS, one of PPL's alternative high schools to a new building in the Phillips neighborhood. Over the past four months, construction crews have been working to transform the space from offices to classrooms, finishing just in time for the first day of school on September 3!

Casey Wahl, lead teacher at LNAS, says they're very excited about the change. "Having this newly renovated space that's close to where our students live, close to downtown, and MCTC gives us the opportunity to expand our programs even more."

The new location comes with a commercial kitchen upgrade, which will allow the school to serve traditional lunch to students for the first time in the school’s history. Students and staff are also excited about technology upgrades, a rooftop terrace, and more efficient space specifically designed for their use.

Welcome back, students!