May 21, 2019

The Power of Partnership

Bremer staff at PPL's Fundraising Breakfast

PPL’s work does not happen in a vacuum. Creating innovative training programs and quality affordable housing developments requires collaboration and partnerships. Organizations like Bremer Bank, a committed partner of PPL’s employment training Banking program, are integral to the work we do in our communities every day.

By providing speakers, aiding in mock interviewing, and offering first-round interviews for open positions, Bremer Bank plays an important role in the training and success of PPL branking participants. These programs have proven success, with graduates seeing their income triple, on average. It's a pathway to building successful and stable careers with banks and credit unions across the Twin Cities. 

Bremer's founder believed that banks had the power, and responsibility, to help communities thrive, and this commitment continues today. As current President & CEO Jeanne Crain shared at PPL's Breakfast, "We are interested in investing with those who help amplify our purpose which is to cultivate thriving communities. PPL is strengthening neighborhoods, families, and communities every day."

"It takes a community to make change - it takes all of us coming together. What I know is that together, we can multiply the impact of this work."


PPL was honored to have Bremer Bank join us as this year's Presenting Sponsor at our Annual Fundraising Breakfast. Thanks to Bremer's partnership, we were able to host over 750 friends and partners at the Breakfast, which resulted in a record-breaking amount raised for transformative housing stability and career readiness services - over $347,000!

Thank you, Bremer Bank, for your partnership and shared commitment to strong, empowered communities.