April 25, 2018

PPL's Building Ladders Campaign

PPL Employment & Training Center Lobby

At PPL, we build ladders. Participants use those ladders to build new lives. It’s simple, but not easy. We’re equipped to roll up our sleeves and get something done. That’s where PPL shines.

Today, we are asking the community to fund three critical priorities that will allow us to meet tomorrow’s challenges: $9 million to create new and expanded Employment and Training Center; $2 million that will help us create 800 new units of housing; $1.4 million to support program innovation and technology upgrades.

Do you envision a Minneapolis – St. Paul Metro where everybody thrives? Join us. Let’s build ladders for low-income individuals and families to transformative affordable housing and employment readiness services.


Our Vision


PPL’s Building Ladders Campaign in the news: Project for Pride in Living looks to expand job training services (Star Tribune, 2018)