Access Program

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Join the Access Program to take dozens of free workshops and trainings to advance your resume and gain skills in any area of career readiness. You will work one on one with an Access coach who will help you find the trainings you need and help guide you with how to use the skills going forward. Computer and Interpersonal trainings that are recorded and live via Zoom so no matter what your schedule you can take classes whenever you are able.
Personalized Coaching for your needs

About the Program

What jobs will I be prepared for?

Access prepares you for a variety of professional, administrative positions, building your skills and job readiness so you're ready to enter any number of career paths.

What certifications will I earn?

Northstar Digital Literacy certifications and the industry-recognized NRF Customer Service certification are both available to you through the Access Program.

What other opportunities are included?

Enrolling in the Access Program gives you access to a variety of PPL resources, including career coaching, financial coaching, and clothing suitable for job interviews.

Access Program Workshops

Computer Basics 1-5: Keyboarding, internet, email and online learning

Excel 1-3: Create and edit spreadsheets 

Google Drive: Create, share, and edit online documents online

Word 1-3: Create and edit documents 

Powerpoint 1 & 2: Create professional presentations

Non-PPL Online Workshops