Fast-track career success with this customizable training program and learn valuable transferable skills that will help you gain confidence in any career. You can enroll anytime for three or more months of virtual training at no cost to you.

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Mondays @ 10am
The first step for all PPL programs is to attend an info session. Join the virtual info session via Zoom on your phone or computer every Monday from 10am - 11am.

Please contact us if you are unable to attend an information session.

Workshop Handouts

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Computer Basics 1-5

Improve your digital literacy with computer workshops on keyboarding, internet, e-mail, and online learning.

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Word 1-3

Improve your proficiency in Microsoft Word with three levels of workshops, from beginner to advanced. 

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Excel 1-3

Improve your proficiency in Microsoft Excel with three levels of workshops, from beginner to advanced. 

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PowerPoint 1 & 2

Learn to create professional presentations for employment or education opportunities.

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Job Readiness

Receive help with your job search, resume writing, interviewing, networking, and more. 

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Advanced Internet 1 & 2

Learn how to effectively find information online. 

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Computer Help

Receive individualized help for any of your computer questions. 

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Computer Certification

Assess your computer proficiency by taking the Northstar Digital Literacy Online Assessment.

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Google Drive

Learn how to easily create, share, and edit documents online. 

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Android Phone

Learn the ins and outs of your Android phone in this interactive workshop.

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Senior Job Club

For job seekers 55+, Employment Specialists are here to assist with online applications and job search discussions. 

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Practice skills on your own!

You may utilize the 'Computer' and 'Other' tabs to practice skills you are working on, or practice for training program assessments.