August 5, 2019

All in a Name: The Meaning Behind PPL's Name

Project for Pride in Living

Our name is bold and declarative of our mission. It affirms that what is at our core matters deeply. Our purpose, all in a name. Project for Pride in Living. Five words that declare who we are and where we're going, together.

  • Project: 
    Our shared mission to build hope, assets, and self-reliance. We are called to create the conditions that make this possible for each person that walks through our doors through transformative affordable housing and career readiness services. It's an ongoing project, executed by participants, donors, staff, community, and volunteers. 

  • For Pride:
    Pride is not an ending point - it is a launch. Pride happens when people believe in you so much that you start to believe in yourself. Pride is how lives are transformed and made better for the next generation. Pride in our passion lived out in profound ways. Pride is at the core of our mission.
  • In Living:
    Going beyond surviving to embrace truly living. A life free from homelessness and unemployment. PPL gets at the core of what makes a household function economically, setting the stage for lasting stability and a better future for the next generation. If you set aside all the programs and complex plans, you'll see that our impact happens one person at a time, as we restore the sense of pride that is their birthright. 


Green zig zag

In PPL's 2018 Annual Report, we looked into the meaning behind our name; the mission it established nearly 50 years ago and the work it continues to drive today. 

Nearly 13,000 people received transformative housing and career training services in 2018. In our Annual Report, you'll see the many ways your support, gifts, and time helped create more vibrant and equitable communities. Your belief in this work is helping create lives free from homelessness and unemployment, where families are stabilized, kids are reading better, folks are getting decent jobs, and students are graduating high school. 

Thank you! 

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