March 5, 2021

Community Voices: Meet Kaia


Meet Kaia, PPL's Donations and Engagement Coordinator!

Currently a student at Hamline University studying psychology, Kaia first joined PPL in January of 2020 as an event intern. Due to her strong skills with volunteer management, Kaia became the Coordinator in the fall.

“I was drawn to PPL because the values aligned with mine,” Kaia says. “PPL has a strong focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. It is at the forefront of everything we do.”

As PPL’s Donations and Engagement Coordinator, Kaia accepts in-kind donation needs from staff and posts those requests to engage help. “I am there to support all of our in-kind donation processes with staff, community partners, and individuals,” Kaia says. In addition to donation support, Kaia helps with communication for the volunteer team and fosters relationships with various organizations.

When discussing the volunteer program, Kaia said “COVID-19 has created this new and exciting virtual world where we are not just able to connect with those in the Twin Cities, but also all around Minnesota.” The volunteer team now has the opportunity to post PPL’s Amazon wish list online where anyone can purchase the items and have them sent to PPL. “This opportunity has expanded our network and helped with getting more people on board to support our community,” Kaia says.

While on the volunteer team, Kaia has had the opportunity to speak with many volunteers about their experiences. “Volunteering is all about relationship building. Not only are our volunteers great for the students and participants they are working with, but that relationship is also beneficial for the volunteer.” Kaia went on to explain why she believed volunteering at PPL matters; “volunteers are able to use their skills in a whole different way through the positions we offer. Our volunteers are why we are able to accomplish so much in the community.”

When Kaia is not coordinating donations and engaging with volunteers, she likes to knit. Kaia’s two most recent projects were a baby blanket and a blanket for her apartment. She also likes art projects and recently learned how to bake bread.

We are happy to have Kaia as a part of PPL and look forward to getting to know her better!