December 4, 2023

MN Housing Tax Credit Program

3030 Nicollet project


This past legislative session, an exciting and innovative new tool for affordable housing was passed.  The Minnesota State Housing Tax Credit program is a new way to help finance multifamily and single-family housing that is affordable throughout the state of Minnesota. 
Beginning in October 2023, eligible Minnesota taxpayers (individual and corporate) will be able to contribute to the contribution fund and, in return, receive a state tax credit. Contributors can designate specific qualified projects or contribute to the general pool. PPL affordable housing developments can benefit from this program when our projects are designated. 


For More Information

For more information about the program or to make contributions, please visit MN Housing's website. The deadline for applications and contributions to the program is December 13, 2023.  
For more information about PPL projects that could benefit from this program right now, please visit:

Questions?  Email or call Chris Dettling at or (612) 455-5216.