September 9, 2019

Elevating Community Voices Through Art


PPL's new Career Center opened earlier this year, but there was one thing missing; on the west side of the building remained a blank white wall. To reflect the rich history of the Philips neighborhood that PPL has been a part of for nearly 50 years, we partnered with Hope Community and Minneapolis Institute of Art to create a larger-than-life mural.

Just how large is the mural?
4,000 square feet.

A cohort of artist-organizers was selected to collaboratively design the mural; its goal to highlight the history, voices, and priorities of the Philips neighborhood on a large scale. 
Through community engagement and feedback, the artist designed the mural to reflect important memories, moments, and movements that have shaped and continue to shape the neighborhood. Artists conducted interviews with residents, connected with local organizations, held community listening sessions, and held a World Café ‘Community Conversation’ event; the community’s insights directly informed the mural’s design. They also connected with elders in the Ojibwe, Lakota, and Arapaho communities to receive permission and feedback on the design. Two community paint days were also hosted, where neighbors were invited to work alongside the artists. 

The mural centers on themes of community resilience and connection, historical and current social justice organizing, and healing through cultural and collective voices. 

After five months of planning, listening, sketching, and painting, we are truly honored to unveil the mural on PPL's Career Center!