PPL residents in their home



Our Commitment

PPL strives to be an equitable and inclusive organization committed to elevating the voices of the communities we serve that are disproportionately affected by systemic inequities.  Out commitment to race equity goes beyond our work with and in communities.  PPL's Talent, Equity, and Culture department works closely with all departments and staff to ensure that we have a comprehensive strategic plan that supports staff cultural competence, development, understanding of race and policy, and courageous conversations.  A total of 61% staff and 55% of leadership identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color.  However, our commitment goes beyond representation.  We are constantly investing in belonging and inclusion.  As part of PPL, you will have the opportunity to be part of development opportunities that center race equity, such as Intercultural Development Inventory, Courageous Conversations about Race, and regular race equity series.