June 24, 2020

Race. Place. Policy.

Race. Place. Policy.

Previously we shared the importance of “co-creation” and capacity building as key ingredients in rebuilding our community in a new and powerful way. 

At PPL, our model of co-creation helps us tackle disparities that continue to plague our communities and hold back our regional economy. We believe centering race means listening to community voices and operationalizing equity at all levels. 

Our core programmatic work in housing and jobs relies on three values-driven pillars:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Neighborhood Engagement
  • Public Policy

In fact, over the last five years, we have implemented a holistic vision for these three interlocking strategies: Race. Place. Policy.

Centering this work are cross-organizational teams led by PPL staff; their knowledge, professional expertise, and diverse voices drive these efforts and help us refine our focus in each area.

Importantly, each of these teams are on the ground every day, working with our residents, participants, and youth to create voice and build power. That’s a key element of PPL's mission to create hope, assets, and self-reliance. 

We’ve heard the cries of the last few weeks loud and clear—business as usual won’t cut it, and we need to step in to change the systems that keep putting our folks in harm’s way.

For PPL, that means deepening our approach to housing and career readiness AND doubling down both on our existing approach to Race, Place, and Policy.

This approach is how we will lead and listen by reimagining new ways to partner with BIPOC communities (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). 

These priorities are not possible without the supporters, partners, and neighborhoods who share their time, expertise, and voice with us.

You are one of those partners.

Take a few moments and think about how and where you can help drive this vision. We need you to be part of the “Co” in “Co-Creation". 



Race. Place. Policy.

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