Family in home


PPL's wide range of life-changing support services
demonstrate that given the right support and
opportunities, everyone can thrive. 

Resident Services Puzzle House

Our Service Model

Housing Stability

Helping residents maintain housing through eviction prevention and basic needs support.

Economic Advancement

Employment training and access to benefits to help residents increase their income.

Health & Wellness

Connecting residents to physical and behavioral health resources to promote well-being. 

Community Engagement

Helping residents make meaningful connections to neighbors and the community.

Youth Development

Preparing youth and parents with the skills needed to achieve at school and home.

Helping Residents Get & Keep Housing

93% of households maintain stable housing for 24 months or more.
76% of households maintain or increase their income.


of youth increase literacy skills.
Youth programming helps young residents increase their literacy skills, a key indicator of long-term growth.


evictions prevented last year.
Residents work with staff to set goals for long-term stability and housing success.

Who We Serve

1,828 people receive support

people receive support from PPL Resident Services.

90% of residents are people of color

of PPL residents are people of color.

82% of residents earn less than $30,000

of PPL residents earn less than $30,000 a year.

45% of residents came from homelessness

of PPL residents came from homelessness.