April 28, 2021

Volunteer Appreciation Month: Meet Andriana


Andriana is a volunteer for Scholars, a PPL program, where volunteers are matched with youth to support them in developing their social and emotional skills. Due to the critical importance of consistency in mentoring, Volunteer Tutor-Mentors commit to volunteering for the full school year. Many volunteers, like Andriana, understand the impact of long-term relationships and come back year after year. 

Hi Andriana! What does your role at PPL look like? What are some of your responsibilities?

I am a volunteer with the PPL Scholars program. I started working at one of PPL's properties in 2018. As a PPL Scholars volunteer, I serve families by supporting youth in grades K-5 to thrive through relationship building, literacy tutoring, and enrichment activities in a 1:1 setting. I was paired with Fateya and after the first semester learning and growing with her, I knew I would be coming back. She is an incredibly bright, creative, compassionate 5th grader who has been able to teach me something new every time I meet with her.

What made you choose PPL?

It all started when PPL had a table at my college's career fair. I was in school to be an educator at the time and the Scholars program seemed like a perfect fit. 

What are you looking forward to while volunteering at PPL?

After being with PPL for the past 3 years, the transition from being onsite to Zoom art therapy has been a great way to meet scholars and mentors from other properties and connect with some familiar faces. Having a weekly check in to be mindful and creative has become just as important for myself and the other volunteers. The camaraderie and community building that is in motion is a true honor to witness and be a part of. As always, having a glimpse of the world through their lens is an amazing reminder that no matter the age, everyone has something they can teach you or share with you.

What motivates you to volunteer?

What motivates me is the patience, willingness, and excitement from Fateya and the other youth who help or teach the children in the room. It is something magical to take a step back and watch. The resilience of the youth I have come to know is astounding. Not only for their dedication to come to scholars each week, but also for their ability to adapt within their environment during a time full of changes and unanswered questions. 

What has been a highlight for you while volunteering at PPL?

Some major highlights for me volunteering with PPL have been seeing the spark behind the youth's eyes. In years past, it was the look of accomplishment of finishing a once seemingly insurmountable task of reading an entire book, to the newly found confidence and desire to start the next chapter in a new book.