January 22, 2020

Positioned to Thrive: 2020 - 2022 Strategic Direction

PPL's 2020-2022 Strategic Direction

A letter to the community from PPL President & CEO and PPL Board Chair: 


Dear Friends,

2020 marks 48 years for PPL. 

48 years of learning and adapting our efforts to meet the needs of the community. In all that time, our vision, passion, and dedication have never wavered. We have stayed the course to ensure that hope, assets, self-reliance, and pride are not just buzz words but are lived and breathed every day.

48 years is something to celebrate. We know that our approach works. Today we are a leading housing and career training organization in the Twin Cities, a go-to partner that creates lasting results.

Close to 3,500 individuals live with PPL every night, a growth of more than 27% over the past five years. Our job readiness programs, serving primarily immigrants and people of color, have grown by close to 25%.

The increasing housing shortage and rapidly transforming workforce have reinforced our conviction that our strategic focus on housing and employment is right for our community and right for these times.

Today, PPL is recommitting to this Strategic Direction for the next three years. The direction we shaped in 2016 still inspires and drives us. Our vision now is to deepen and expand this work, to sharpen our focus on equity and engagement as ways of doing business, to commit to the importance of place, and to expand our impact on systems and policy.

Now is the time to drive our vision for vibrant, thriving communities that will have a multi-generational impact on previously underinvested and underemployed communities.

Building on our two core pillars, Housing Stability & Career Readiness, PPL will take this work to scale over the next three years. We commit to:

  • Increase our production of affordable housing, and think creatively about how to build and deliver quality housing.
  • Continue to meet the demand for our employment training, expanding our groundbreaking work around youth employment and career pathways.
  • Push forward on our own cultural competency and racial equity learning.
  • Partner and collaborate in the community, especially with groups and causes working effectively with people of color, who comprise the vast majority of PPL participants and residents.
  • Deepen our public policy engagement by raising the voices of our organization and participants in advocacy.
  • Continue our commitment to long-term financial stability and high-performing staff.

These plans come alive because of the people, programs, and partnerships – the heart of PPL. Each of you has played a unique role on this 48 year journey. I hope you will take a moment to reflect on our collective impact and know how deeply grateful we are for the support you have provided.

Thank you for all you have done, and your unwavering support and belief in the vision PPL has set.

With gratitude,

Paul Williams signature                  Damu McCoy signature

Paul Williams                              Damu McCoy
PPL President & CEO                PPL Board Chair


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By continuing our strategic focus on housing stability and career readiness we're affirming our commitment to two essential components of economic stability for families and communities.

Family outside home

Housing Stability

We will increase production, refine our development strategy, and continue working towards sustainable funding of our essential wraparound services for residents.

Participants in class

Career Readiness

As we grow into our new career center and add new career training programs for adults, we will continue our groundbreaking work helping young people become career-ready.

Internal teams comprising a cross-section of staff are advancing our efforts on three pillars that support our programmatic work.

Staff DEI discussion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We will become a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization, enabling us to address racial and other systemic inequities.

PPL mural

Neighborhood Engagement

We will continue to develop partnerships with key neighborhoods and neighborhood-based organizations to enhance safety and economic opportunity, and more.

PPL staff at the MN Capitol

Public Policy

We will use our collective voice as an organization to influence policy and help unleash the power and wisdom of the people we serve.

Underlying all of our work is a foundation of operational strength and a commitment to results.

Staff laughing

Operational Strength

We will continue to focus on financial strength, integration, evaluation, and innovation across every department to ensure a strong foundation to support our programs.